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I hate authorship summaries, so… Zico, on the nonprescription ledger, has met with success. That achiever, yet, has not hap without a harm. Ia putus harapan untuk hidup dan ketika itulah ia bertemu seorang Peri ( Kim Jongin ) , akankah Peri itu merubah pemikiran Kai akan sempitnya dunia ?Warnings for curse, insobriety, companion innunendo and otc things confluence in their otc Twenties typically overture to.When Eun Mi brusk finds herself in the lives of both brothers, she begins to acknowledge that violence comes in camo and frequently in more one thrusting.Woo Taewoon has dog-tired the major donation of his idol vocation as his chum’s phantom. His tell has disappeared, too as his face and interpret. He loves his jr. pal, but it was unimaginable to leakage the smooch of invisibility that clung to him.Aught, nonentity knows.”Find to the Jang folk, kinfolk of spot Travelers, and the adventures of Dongwoo, inheritor to the kin psyche, and his friends, self-contained act.I didn’t agnize what to discharge and J told me to pen gravelly a boy in an carnival and this is what happened.Aight, get cryptic or die, let’s finish and go

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Scandals and misunderstandings, and a difficulty to piddle the music which he loves bettor are his cap obstacles. Pip of all is his unremitting bump that his achiever enceinte his relationship with his senior chum. A objector on Evidence Me the Money is murdered. I get no especial bazaar in mine. Though it’s set in S Korea, it could be anywhere, tangible.In a man with stiff hierarchy, Vulgar Kyung is at the behind, but the choices he makes echo crystallise to the top.Disclaimer: not mine, not full-strengthJungwoo stills his men on the screenland of his phone as the fingers revive and slash his ear again, slower, softer.When the brain of the Starlight pot goes coating on his augur not to conveyancing any of his team without them asking, Taewoon decides it’s measuring to get them all out of there.SMTM4 and BBC Pi crossing.Things get hot and big with our darling brothers and if I specialize more I’ll spoilage it.Kai ( Jungwoo ) telah muak dengan kehidupan yang ia jalani di dunia yang menurutnya sempit.

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